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SOL y LUNA LOGISTICS Parcels and Packages Ajijic MXSOL y LUNA LOGISTICS offers to the entire Lakeside Community A PARCEL IMPORTATION SERVICE from Laredo, TX to our office in Ajijic. This service is limited to products for personal use (not for resale); the goods to be imported must not be prohibited or restricted by Mexican Customs (guns, drugs, chemical products, etc).


Step 1: Confirm with us that the product you intend to import is within our guidelines (nature, size and weight).
Step 2: Complete and sign SOL y LUNA LOGISTICS Importation form, (click to download importation form)
Step 3: When your package arrives in Laredo, the importation process will begin.

The Importation Process

Upon arrival, your package will be inspected to verify its conformity to your importation declaration; it will then be introduced into our electronic filing and tracking system in Laredo, TX. Depending on the demands, this process may take 1 to 2 days. In case of missing information or a discrepancy, we will contact you to obtain the corresponding amendment.

Your package will then be consolidated with other importations and a global filing will be done at Customs. The time frame for inspection, clearance and crossing of the border may vary depending on the workload at Customs as well as on the holidays, strikes, storms and other factors that we cannot control. Once your package has been cleared, it will be transported to our warehouse in Nuevo Laredo, MX. The shipping will then take place according to volume and trucking schedules. The whole importation process, in general, is much more time consuming than the importation of mail, and can take up to 15 working days from when it is entered in our electronic filing system. During high volume periods of the year, this time frame can vary and we recommend that you plan your importation in advance.

Your obligations as the importer are to provide us with the accurate information about the item you are bringing into Mexico. Make sure that you have understood all the costs involved in the the importation process. Once the importation form is filled and signed, no package will be returned to the sender and the importation will be made on your behalf.

Required information on the importation form:

  • Description, number of items, size and weight.
  • Value: must be the purchase value or an approximate plausible value. The importation costs for items received in Laredo, TX with an invoice enclosed will be assessed according to this invoice and all fees will be due.
  • Name and address of the sender or supplier.
  • Name, address and telephone in Mexico of the importer.
  • Signature and date

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